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Jays and PGA Champsionship

Monday, August 11th, 2008

I’ve always been a Jays fan, but since moving to the big smoke, I’ve been able to follow them a bit more attentively. It doesn’t help my interest that I actually work for Rogers, the team’s owner.

I can’t believe the rut they’ve been in the past 2 seasons. They shows signs of being a contender, then the bottom falls out of the run and go into a losing streak. A lot of peaks and valley’s, not so fun for the Jays fan. I can handle a team sucking, being medicore and being great. All I ask is for some consistency!

I went to Saturday afternoon’s game against the Indians. They just finished sweeping the Athletics, who are on the downside and a visit from the mediocre Indians gave an impression that they may be able to continue the win streak. Saturday’s game 2 of the series, gave way to another lackluster performance defensively and offensively with yet another loss. The only great thing about the game was the chance to catch a ball, which is something i haven’t had a chance to do before. We gave the ball to a kid sitting in front of us, who was more excited than any of us were.

PGA Championship
I should mention that Sunday, the Indians ended up completing the sweep against the Jays. I’m glad the PGA Championships were on as it gave me a chance to watch some excitement Sunday afternoon. Speaking of which, it sounds like someone on the golf circuit has stepped up in Tiger’s absence, and it’s not Anthony Kim or the big three. Padraig Harrington made it two majors in a row and 3 of the last 6 by winning the PGA with a solid 66 in the final round.

Streamers on Euro Cup

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Not that I’m hiding my unimpressive result in the office Euro 2008 pool we ran, but I can’t help but to comment on the Euro Cup. I’m not a huge soccer (or football) fan to start with but what is it with the streamers on the trophy? The game seemed pretty good, I was able to catch the end of it at Jack Astors after seeing the Jays game Sunday. I couldn’t help but stare at the streamers and feel underwhelmed about the whole presentation.

Sissy Trophy

Maybe it’s just the hockey goon in me, but that seems awfully sissy like in comparision to the trophies from any other sport. Then again, they (soccer players) are also known to dance around the pitch every once in awhile. I suppose they do go hand in hand.