Caledon Woods

I’ve been spoiling myself on the golf scene lately, especially with the ClubLink courses. This past Saturday I visited Caledon Woods, just north of Bolton.

Just across the street from another course, Glen Eagle, both courses seem to look fairly different. Of course, as most ClubLink courses are, the course is maintained very well. As for the course itself, once you step out of the pro shop, you’re able to see some (17 & 18) of the types of holes you’re going to be battling throughout the round. However, some of the elevations changes you see on those holes is about as exciting as it gets from a variety perspective. Outside of the elevations, it’s primarily setup with a number of above-average length par 4′s, with many of them pretty straight forward. Also, with only 3 par 5′s, the course amounts to a par 71.

I can’t say the simplicity of the course translates into the same type of challenge when it comes to your game. The course can definitely hold it’s own if you can’t hit the ball too straight, specifically around the greens. The fairway bunkers seemed well placed, even for the longer hitters. All in all, it’s a solid track that would provide any golfer a good test.

To top off the season, I’m hoping to play National Pines later this month. I played this course last year and it was in great condition… it doesn’t help that the Canadian Tour’s Championship is held the week after though!

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3 Responses to “Caledon Woods”

  1. Dixon Says:

    you’ll like National Pines. One of the best tracks in the Club Link network. the rough is brutal right now due to the grow in for their Club Championships this weekend and the above mentioned CDN Tour Championship.

  2. czechmate Says:

    Sounds like you’re really getting a tour! Maybe some day you’ll be down in Ottawa for a round with Shtick and I, or vice-versa. Shtick’s pretty good, I am not… lol…

    Once per year we actually play in Belleville, for 3 straight days. Maybe next year you’d like to come down to join us for our tourney or a round on the Friday or Sunday. We played at Black Bear Ridge, and the course is absolutely stellar. Elevation changes like you generally only see in mountainous regions. Very well maintained, and not badly priced…

  3. Guinevere Says:

    I haven’t gone out golfing this summer yet! I was going to go in a work tournament, but it ended up being on a day I have a launch. I gotta get out at least once. My game is probably bad…

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